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The International Institute of Connecticut (IICONN), founded in 1918, is a statewide nonprofit human services agency that addresses the need to provide new immigrants and refugees in Connecticut with services to help them become self-sufficient, integrated and contributing members of the community.  The organization focuses on helping those individuals who face significant barriers to adjusting to their new environment.  IICONN offers legal, social, linguistic and educational programs to help them overcome these obstacles. The Institute also provides special services to victims of serious crimes such as human trafficking, torture, and domestic violence. Each year, IICONN assists over 7000 individuals from its offices in Bridgeport, Stamford, Derby, and Hartford. The Institute is distinguished from other organizations in Connecticut providing resettlement and services to immigrants in three ways:

The Institute is staffed by 30 full and part-time employees who speak more than twelve different languages. The organization is headed by Angela Andersen, Executive Director, and governed by a 19-member Board of Directors. The Institute is funded with federal, state, and local grants, private donations, and program fees it earns by providing services to clients, government agencies, local and regional businesses, and nonprofit organizations. The Institute assists its clients by providing social, educational, linguistic and legal services through the following five core programs:


Refugee Resettlement and Employment Services

Victim and Human Trafficking Services

Interpretation and Translation Services

Legal Immigration and Citizenship Services

Community Outreach and Education

During its long history, The Institute has consistently evolved and adapted to the changing needs of the refugees and immigrants it serves. The organization has remained financially solvent and currently has an operating budget of approximately $1.8 million. The Institute has achieved its success by working corroboratively with other organizations, maintaining committed staff, board members and volunteers, and by pursuing new opportunities that have strengthened the organization.

Each year, our Bridgeport, Stamford, Derby and Hartford offices assist over 7000 people to integrate into American life, to rebuild their lives and to achieve sustainable self-reliance. We could not succeed in these efforts without the crucial, ongoing support of our donors, local communities, partner agencies, advocates and volunteers. For your support we are grateful. Donate Now!