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Employment & Training

Securing a job is essential to self-sufficiency. Through employment counseling, IICONN provides newly arrived refugees with the tools required to find jobs in the United States. Employment counselors work with both job seekers and employers to make appropriate and long lasting placements that not only help refugees rebuild their lives, but address the staffing needs of local businesses.
Program staff seeks to develop relationships with local employers looking to hire new employees, and trains them about the culture and customs of their employees. Following successful placement, job seekers receive counseling and support as they transition into the workplace.
All of our clients are work-authorized and arrive for their appointments with proper documentation in hand. Many times applicants are recently arrived refugees from war-torn countries around the world. Other times, they are refugees and immigrants who are searching again for jobs because of layoffs.
International Institute of Connecticut helps refugees to obtain permanent employment with good pay and full benefits so as not be dependent on Public Assistance. Examples of employment include manufacturing, clerical and health care services. In order to reach these goals, the program emphasizes self-sufficiency and provides extensive training for clients. Such opportunities include:
▪ Orientation to the American work culture
▪ How to get a job, keep it, and continue training in order to get better jobs
▪ Transportation training — accessing public transit
▪ Resume building and how to fill out applications
▪ Interview training
▪ Job Specific ESL
▪ Referrals to other employment service providers
There is a strong emphasis on employment in all refugee resettlement programs. Temporary public assistance programs are available for refugees and asylees until employment is achieved, however the Institute works in partnership with the Department of Social Services to ensure clients are working toward self sufficiency. The programs at the Institute educate refugees, asylees and immigrants about the types of jobs available to them and how best to obtain them.
If you would like to hire a refugee, or would like more information, please contact:
 Matching Grant Coordinator and Job Developer Phyllis Pierce at or at (203) 336 0141.