Serving and Empowering New Americans Since 1918

ESL & Citizenship

To assist immigrants and refugees in becoming self sufficient, IICONN offers English as a Second Language classes at its Bridgeport office.
Learning the language is the key to integration, and is the first step toward employment. Through a partnership with the Bridgeport Board of Education, the participants of our ESL classes begin with a fundamental course that helps them to learn skills needed to succeed in today’s job market or within our communities. The course teaches everything from basic everyday manners to emergency situations to job skills. Speaking, reading and writing English are all included.
These specially designed courses help students become comfortable in American society and accelerate the resettlement process. The classes meet five days a week in the mornings, September through June. There is no charge for these classes.
American citizenship classes are also provided on certain Saturdays.
Citizenship Instruction
Newcomers are encouraged to advance towards attaining U.S. Citizenship. We offer Citizenship Classes in our Bridgeport office to help clients learn civics and improve English skills, in order to pass their naturalization interview. Our naturalization services include educating the community regarding the benefits of attaining citizenship, consultations to determine eligibility, support in filing the necessary forms, and preparation for the interview and exam.
IICONN provides comprehensive naturalization services to immigrants:
> Eligibility screening
> Naturalization Application Completion
> Assistance with Fee Waivers and Disability Waivers
> Interview Preparation
> Advice on derivation and acquisition of citizenship
For more information on eligibility, call the closest IICONN office to schedule a confidential consultation.