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Translation and Interpretation Services

Translation vs. Interpretation

trans·la·tion \tran(t)s-ˈlā-shən\
a written rendering from one language to another.

in·ter·pre·ta·tion \in-ˌtər-prə-ˈtā-shən\
an oral translation from one language to another.

The International Institute of Connecticut offers professional translation and interpretation services at very reasonable and economical prices in approximately forty languages, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Albanian
  • Arabic
  • Bosnian
  • Cambodian
  • Creole
  • French
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Lingala
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Tigrinya
  • Vietnamese

We provide translation and interpretation services to many business sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Non-profit
  • Government

Our multi-cultural employees are skillfully trained to translate various documents, such as the following:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • High School Diplomas
  • College Transcripts
  • Statements
  • Letters
  • Handbooks
  • Brochures

If you want to help support our mission, IICONN is always looking for interpreters, translators and volunteers to add to our data base for use on an as-needed basis. Basic requirements for applicants are:

  • Advanced oral, written and listening skills in English and at least one other language,
  • Minimum two year college education,
  • High level of professionalism,
  • Located in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area, and
  • Have permission to work in the United States.

For more information, please email or call Thyda Korng at 203-336-0141, extension 111.